Fall Into Leopard


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One of the best things about being petite is being able to fit into kids' clothes. This dress is from the kids section at Gap. It's a leopard print, shift dress with pockets. Three of my favorite things combined. How could I say no? Since it is a girl's XXL, there are a few minor adjustments to be made. The arm holes are a tad small, and the dress is shorter than I would prefer. But the arm holes can easily be adjusted. Since the outfit is mostly black and brown, I brightened it up with this bright red purse, and purple heels. I scored this leather Perlina bag at a sample sale for $25. Awesome, right?

gifted Victoria's Secret Jacket   |   Gap Kids Dress (similar)   |   Perlina Bag   |  Zara shoes (similar)

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And now for some random news. Nicki Minaj has her own clothing line at Kmart. It's ah..rather colorful.

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I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

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