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Earth Tones With a Pop of Red


Howdy! I've been MIA because of my busy schedule lately. Here's a quick outfit post before I finish cleaning up and head to the gym.

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Gap Sweater    |   Gap Pants   |   Gap Beanie   |   Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

This sweater made an appearance in my last post, and I'm wearing it again here! Slouchy sweaters are a no-brainer when it comes to incorporating them into your outfit. You can wear them with everything: mini skirts, pencil skirts, a-line skirts, jeans, trousers. Since my ensemble is mostly earth toned, I opted to wear a bright red beanie for a pop of color and extra warmth.

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I've been thinking about the act of multitasking, and its effectiveness. Some say that it's not really multitasking but task switching, and that multitasking actually results in lower productivity because you're not entirely focused on one thing. What do you think? I'm always multitasking because I often feel pressed for time, and feel that things get done faster if I do several things at once. I eat breakfast while getting ready in the morning or while walking to the train. Sometimes I exercise while watching tv at home. I cook, clean, and do laundry at the same time. But now I'm rethinking this whole multitasking strategy. Sometimes I find that if I start several projects at once, I get sidetracked and then the projects are halfway done. And this is only my personal life.

At work, the multitasking increases tenfold. I always have a list of things that need to be done for the day. But there's also emails that need to be answered. People coming to you in person with questions all day. Last minute requests, deadlines to be met, tasks to delegate. Does this sound familiar to you? I'm sure you can relate. So, do you multitask and if so, do you find that it's effective? I'm really interested to know!

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Textured: Cozy Sweater and Suede Skirt


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Gap Sweater on sale!    |   old Forever 21 Skirt (similar)   |   Apri Booties via Marshalls

There was a period where every single top I picked up in stores was part of the cream, off white, beige family. I would see tops in other colors and think "this sweater in red is so pretty. But the cream, the cream goes with everything!" And as much as I like color, sometimes I just dig the good ole' neutrals more. They just make any outfit look, well, classic. They look great when worn with a rich, vibrant color like the cognac skirt I'm wearing. Check out this post to see how I last styled the same skirt.

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It's a New Year!


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Happy New Year everyone!

old Zara Dress (similar)   |   Gap Maximum Heat Tights   |   Gap Boots 
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Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmas ya'll! It's only the best holiday of the year. I've already finished my Christmas baking, and I can't wait to spend tomorrow cooking and watching Christmas movies. I wore this Taylor dress last year as a skirt. It's one of my favorite party dresses, and the fit and flare style is quite flattering. Check out other dresses from Taylor here. Have an amazingly festive Christmas!

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A little behind the scenes outtake. My timer went off as I was tossing my camera bag aside.


Christmas Shopping for Him


Christmas is only 3 days away! Have you crossed everyone off your shopping list yet? If not, here are some last minute gift ideas for the men in your life or for yourself.

1- Three in One Leather Backpack can be worn as backpack, messenger bag, or carry as briefcase.

2- Love this Fossil watch. I almost bought one for myself.

3- Hershel Backpack.

4- Band of Outsiders Tie

5- I own and love this Timex Weekender Watch. I wear it with everything, and get compliments on it all the time. It comes in other colors, and the best part is that it's under $40 on Amazon.

6- Asos Desert Boots with shearling lining to keep warm.

7- Hemetic Utility Wrap Organizer. The photo on the right is what this Utility wrap looks like rolled up. I stumbled across Hemetic Trading Co. at the American Field event a month ago. You can store random items neatly with this organizer and keep them from getting wet, since the material is waterproof. The entire site is 20% off, and all of their products are American made.

Slouchy Knits


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Although my busy schedule has me running around, I always make time to look presentable. It takes the same amount of time to put on a nice outfit as it does to put on a crummy outfit. When I'm pressed for time, I gravitate towards pieces that are easy and casual, like this slouchy top from the Gap that I'm wearing. I paired it with this a-line skirt from Loft. I had been stalking this skirt, debating whether or not to purchase it, and I'm so glad that I did. My favorite part about this skirt is the soft, stretchy knit material. It's too bad that the store ran out of my size though.

Do you have a go to piece for the days when you're in a time crunch?

Gap Top    |  Loft Skirt    |  Gap Boots  |    |   Right Arm: CWonder Cuff, Left Arm: BaubleBar    |   History + Industry Earrings
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