Flower Bomb


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Outfit #1
Lush Top | Mango Skirt on sale |   Zara Sandals

My birthday was last Monday, so I celebrated this past weekend. The black Zara heels started to hurt so I had to change into my trusty flat Aldo sandals.

Outfit #2
Lush Dress  |  Aldo Sandals(old)  |   Andre Cellini

Isn't the hi lo hem of this dress gorgeous? Someone told me I looked like a flower. Ha! My only gripe with this dress is that there's a snap button in the front that looks random and awkward. Also, the heels I wore were adorable, but they gave me terrible blisters on the balls of my feet. Pobrecita!

Outfit #3

F21 Top | Target Shorts |   Random bag


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  2. LOL I'm having interent issues at work. Everything keeps getting duplicated. It's so annoying. But to recap A) I want your closet. B) I need to go shopping. C) I have to start looking for the next fashion show we will be attending.


  3. Yay! My first comment! Thanks Fran! I've been doing a little too much shopping..I wonder if the next fashion show will have people wearing loincloths crawling around. It was funny.

  4. Aren't comments super exciting? HAHA I'll aim to find a better designer in general.

  5. I just realized that you tweeted about my blog! Ahh! So exciting! I'm so dorky. The show we went to was cool. I did really like some of the clothes. It was just funny how dramatic everything was, and it was my first fashion show.