Gritty City: Over sized Blazers, and Cap Toe Boots


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MNG Blazer     |   American Eagle Pants    |   Shoemint Boots   |   Gap Tee    |   Dea Dia Necklace 
Aside from the houndstooth print and $30 price tag of my blazer, I love the leather lapel. The over sized fit and leather detail add a touch of edge. Since the blazer is slightly big for my petite frame, I balanced it out by wearing fitted pants, and heels. Remember, it's all about juxtaposition.


My sister saw these Shoemint boots sitting on top of my closet, and said "those are interesting..." I corrected her and said "no, they're gorgeous and they hurt my feet." Every time I look at the boots, I sigh and marvel at their beauty. They also come in black and white, but I like the tan and black best because it's closer to my skin tone, and will create a lengthening effect. I bought a size 6 because they were out of the 6.5, so they pinch my toes. Aside from squished toes, the leather will also crease from wear, so I always make sure to stuff them with tons of paper when I'm not wearing them.

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