Sweet Finds


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It has been rainy all week, so I haven't had the opportunity to take outfit photos. But here are a few things that I purchased recently. Beaded clutch is from Gap. I think the intricate beads are really pretty. Underneath the clutch is a bright pinkish orange slouchy tee. It turned out that both items were on sale! Whoo Hoo! I love a good sale! Also, I know that Gap sales have been down for a while which is a bummer. But their new collection is definitely worth checking out. I saw a lot of printed shorts, and cool embroidered sandals. The blue straw clutch is part of Target's Limited Edition collection. The orange jeans are also from Target. I've worn them once already, and I've noticed that the color has faded. I don't know if it's due to washing, hang drying in the sun, or both.

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