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Uniqlo Button Down | Gap Sweater|  Random Skirt|  Converse

As winter approaches, it becomes a challenge to take pictures. I race against the clock to catch what's left of the daylight. But it's okay because I enjoy taking pictures and blogging. I pulled these pictures from my photo reservoir. I wore this outfit when it was a bit warmer out. And I scored this skirt for 7 DOLLARS!

Things are slowly but surely getting back on track after Sandy. There's a gas shortage, and people are waiting on long lines. Businesses and cars are being looted. A firehouse was robbed. People are pretending to be Con Ed employees, and robbing houses. I know this is nothing new. I know this happened after Hurricane Katrina, and other disasters. And will probably continue to happen after a crisis. But it makes me wonder what will happen when we run out of gas someday. I might be long gone by that time, but who knows. I'm positive that the price of goods is going to increase very soon because of Sandy. But humans are resilient creatures, and we are going to be just fine.
On a lighter note, I'm off to the gym. I've been falling off the fitness train, and that is unacceptable!

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