Now Sashay Away


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Piko 1988 Top via Necessary Clothing | Lush Tank |  Aldo Sandals |  Zara Sandals

Two reasons why my vest rocks: lightweight and super versatile. This is one of those pieces that I would wear to the beach as a cover up, and then to dinner afterwards. I wore this with my brown Aldo sandals to my sister's birthday lunch over the weekend. I thought about wearing heels with this outfit, but who am I kidding? It was over 90 degrees and I was not about to teeter around the city sweating even more from wearing heels. Heels in the summer make you sweat even more, as well as jewelry so I tried to keep it low key. My outfit was busy enough. Anyway, If I were to wear this with heels, I would've wore my black Zara ones as pictured. By the way, I apologize for the unsightly background, but I was pinched for time.

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