Mellow Yellow


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Zara Dress (old) |  Thrifted Belt |   Ellen Tracy Shoes

Every time I wear this dress, it gives me trouble. You would think that it's so easy breezy to wear, but it is not! It's see through, so you must wear a slip with it. There is also no shape to this dress, so a belt is a must as well. The first time I wore it, I had a body hugging slip. But it was problematic because it kept riding up so I had to constantly pull the slip down, and it's hard to discreetly pull it down in public...Actually there really is no way to discreetly pull your slip down in public. I have a flowy slip that I now wear with this dress which works better.

I feel like such a lady when I wear this dress. I feel like I should be gliding instead of walking. Am I making any sense?

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