On Saturday


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F21 Skirt Similar  |  H&M Top  |   Zara Heels  |   Parklane Necklace via Ebay  |  Dooney and Bourke purse.

It's rare for me to dress up in a skirt and heels, but I figured the nice weather called for a nice outfit. Sometimes a girl just wants to dress up, you know? Besides, I've been dying to wear this skirt and heels. I snagged this skirt from F21 for $10. You can't tell from the photos, but it has a coated waistband that looks like faux leather. The skirt also came in a camel color, but it was sold out because I waited too long to buy it. My shoes are surprisingly comfortable. It's probably due to the low heel height. Ankle straps are generally not ideal for short girls because it cuts their leg off and makes them appear even shorter. But these shoes were so pretty that I could not resist.

So many things on my to do list. Never start organizing your closet at 8pm the night before you have work. I made that mistake, and didn't go to bed till midnight. I was doing other things in between cleaning. But, cleaning out my wardrobe and closet is such a big project. I'm trying to find a better way to organize everything with the limited space I have.

I've been watching Dinosaurs a lot lately. Do any of you remember that show? Walking Dead Season 2 is finally available through streaming on Netflix, so I've been trying to catch up. I'm on the edge of my seat every time I watch the show. Also, I've been watching the BBC Documentary on Chinese Schools via YouTube lately.

Photos taken by Rick P. Thank you EGC!

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