Hurricane Sandy not so dandy..


I was lucky enough to escape the severe damage done by Hurricane Sandy. But, I know others who were not as lucky. I know people whose houses are flooded, without electricity, and running water. It's devastating to see pictures of the fire that destroyed homes in Breezy Point, and to see facades of houses ripped off. You never really understand the severity of a situation until it hits close to home.

The streets are flooded when I walk ten blocks away from my house towards the bay. I wanted to keep walking so I could snap more pictures, but I couldn't do it. The water just kept getting deeper. Quite frankly, I was a bit scared. It looked like the shallow end of a swimming pool all around me. The only damage to my house was an awning ripped off by the wind. It was laying in the middle of my yard. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

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I should've moved that plastic bag. It's photobombing.

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