Super Bowl Sunday


While everyone was indoors watching the Super Bowl, I was jumping rope outside in 20 degree weather. I actually prefer jumping rope in the cold because I don't have to worry about sweating. Everything was fine until my jump rope broke..It got so stiff from the cold that it cracked in half. And that was the end of my workout. Sad face.






American Eagle Sweater (old) (similar) | Uniqlo Oxford Shirt (similar)American Eagle Jeans| Ugg boots

Don't I look thrilled to be in my puffer? I may not win the most fashionable award in my puffy, grey down jacket. But it sure is warm, and I bought it for only $40 back in college at Burlington. These Ugg boots are pretty much the only shoes I've been wearing all winter. Warm and other $40 deal from last winter!

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