I'm back!


My apologies for being MIA. I was sick for most of December and part of January. I've been struggling with a major eczema flareup which has made me uncomfortable all the time. And I've just been trying to get a handle on this situation before it completely takes over my life. I'm running through lotions and creams like it's water. I've been using a blend of oils and taking a ton of different vitamins. I'm trying to change my diet to see if that will have an affect on my skin. The road to recovery is a long journey, and I may elaborate on my skin woes in a separate post once I conquer my eczema. Enough about unpleasantries! On to the outfit post!





Man, it has been freezing in NY lately. I lost my gloves so my hands were frozen while trying to take pictures. Right after I finished taking these pics, I went straight to Marshall's to get gloves.
The first time I saw these pants were on Aimee from SongofStyle. I didn't buy them the first time I saw them in Zara. But I couldn't stop thinking about how badass they looked, so I had to go back and get them. I think these pants would look great with s mid calf biker boots as well. Anyway, I'll try my best to post more often!

Uniqlo Button Down | H&M Blazer (similar) |  Zara Pants|  Urban Outfitters Boots


  1. Super cute outfit Lana! I've never tried a red blazer, but that works really well. Your holiday pictures were also adorable :) And winter makes EVERYONE deal with skin problems, I'm glad you're better!

    1. Gracias mi estrella! The red blazer is so easy to wear. It instantly brightens up every outfit! I searched high and low for this blazer from H&M. They carried in their store for a while, and it also came in yellow. Their blazers aren't bad for the price. Check out this one! I initially bought this one in red, but returned it for the one I'm wearing in the photo. The one in the link fits really well. http://www.hm.com/us/product/06756?article=06756-C

    2. oooo i likes! We need another Soho shopping trip sooooon. so call me, maybee