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This lovely Cynthia Rowley dress (similar) was another fabulous find from Marshalls for only $40. I had it tailored because it was too long. I asked the tailor to save the fabric scraps, but they must have forgotten. It's too bad because I wanted to use the scraps to make a halter crop top or a headband.
The heavy cotton material of this dress makes it a great transition piece into early fall. I'll be wearing this with a denim jacket or a cardigan.


On a side note, I couldn't find any of my headbands to wear while tidying up. I quickly fashioned one out of a random bra strap, and it had me reminiscing about past hair accessory trends. Does anyone else remember bra strap headbands? They were all the rage when I was in junior high. How about glitter hair gel, hair mascara, or kerchief headbands?

Photos taken by Hector. Thank you!


  1. Any advice on how short people pull off wearing long maxi dresses? You look purty in yours!