Printed Perfection



Some people shy away from prints because they think they're too loud or don't know how to style it. But prints are one of the easiest ways to make an outfit fun and interesting because they're eye catching. If you're wearing a printed skirt with multiple colors, pick a top that is one of the colors on your skirt. For example, my skirt is navy, orange, red, beige, and grey, so I could wear a top that is any one of those colors. Ideally, I want to pair my skirt with a burnt orange top to make my outfit look snazzy and earthy (yes, that is a possible combination!), but I don't own a top in that color. When all else fails, resort to neutral colors such as black, white, cream or grey.

You can dress up or dress down almost anything. I wore this skirt with a gray tee and converse for a casual look, and threw on one of my favorite necklaces to add extra color. Next time, I'll show you how I dress up this skirt. How do you style prints?


Jami and Hector are awesome people who got me a new camera. Thank you for the new gear and for being so supportive!

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