Road Trip Pt. 1


Last month I went on a road trip through parts of the south and it was amazing. I don't get to travel as often as I would like, so I relished every moment of my trip. It was a sweet escape from reality that felt too short.

 Living in the city has its perks but moments of solace are few and far in between. The wide open roads in the country are such a contrast to the city. There was so much space, and greenery everywhere. This trip was full of moments spent driving down winding country roads of small towns with populations of 500 and less, and admiring the plains of grass and lush green trees. And how could I forget the way the Spanish moss drapes so elegantly over the streets, decorating it like curtains? It all felt so magical. So much of the scenery left me in awe, and I would just sit there quietly soaking in everything and clicking away with my camera trying to capture everything. 

 My friends and I spent most of our time in the car driving on local roads so we could get actually get to see small towns. We did hit some big cities, and while Savannah, GA was my favorite, I liked cruising through the small towns best. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and chilly during most of our trip. We didn't get to hike any trails, and most of the pictures were taken from a moving car due to time constraints. But this won't be my last road trip. I will try to recall the destination of each photo that was taken, but most of it is lost on me since I wasn't the navigator for the trip.

Shenandoah National Park, VA where the fog was intense.
IMG_8729re IMG_8733re IMG_8751re IMG_8745re IMG_8749re IMG_8757re

Somewhere in NC.
IMG_8907 IMG_8921

G's Country Store in Catawba, SC. I thought this place was abandoned but apparently it's not.

Edgemoor, SC
IMG_8946 IMG_8949

Winnsboro, SC one of the most exciting places on our trip. I'll never forget the hilarious/scary things I saw in South Winnsboro, SC.
IMG_8959 IMG_8958

Some eccentric artist who hangs things from a tree in Winnsboro, SC.
IMG_8964 IMG_8969

My friend and I were in love with this school bus stop. I wonder when the last time it was in use.
IMG_8996 IMG_9113

It seems that every town has a First Baptist Church. I can't even begin to tell you how many churches I've seen.

Every town had a water tower with their name painted on it. I loved seeing every new water tower.

Columbia, SC. Notice how there is a sign on the fence that says no dogs allowed. Ha.
IMG_9013 IMG_9016

Pelion, SC
IMG_9058 IMG_9068

Pelion, SC
IMG_9072 IMG_9042 IMG_9084 IMG_9086 IMG_9104 IMG_9105 IMG_9111

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