One of my favorite places to shop is Marshalls. They have a great selection of merchandise at affordable prices. On my recent trip to Marshalls, I took pictures of a few dresses I tried on.


This $40 dress is versatile and can be taken from day to night. Throw a blazer over it to make it more work appropriate. Also, the bottom half isn't body con so you can definitely wear it to work.


I walked past this dress twice. I did a double take the second time. How did I not notice how adorable the print was the first time? This dress was a steal for $40. I've seen similar printed designer dresses for $200 plus. I was too lazy to try it on in the fitting room, but I regret it now. Next time you see a cute dress, grab it and hold on to it ladies!


I feel like this dress would be perfect with frilly ankle socks, red shoes and a parasol. This would be a perfect tea party dress for only $40. Too bad this dress was too big.


Let me paint you a picture. Me wearing this dress on the beach with the wind blowing. Does it not sound like the perfect scene for a perfume commercial? Hit me up, Calvin Klein!


This dress caught my eye on the rack, and I must have stood there for 10 minutes debating whether or not I should try it on. I knew it was a size too big, but I gave it a go. This $60 Vince Camuto dress is downright gorgeous. Angels started to sing when I put it on. However, there were two problems with this dress. It was too long, and voluminous from the side due to the batwing style. The length can easily be fixed. But I was worried that altering the fabric on the sides would distort the whole dress. The dress went back on the rack, but I still think about it from time to time.

This is the perfect dress for summer events. The detailing on this dress is amazing. I decided not to buy the dress, but couldn't stop thinking about it. I went back to buy it the next day. This pretty dress was a steal for $60. There was only one left and it was my size. Hallelujah!

Now put down that overpriced dress, and head over to Marshalls. Your bank account will thank me! Also, you can have a chance to win $50 by taking a picture of your fabulous finds from Marshalls!. Just upload your picture to Twitter or Instagram with the #FabFound hashtag. Visit Marshalls Facebook page for more info.
Dress 1-London Times (similar here and here)|  Dress 2-Donna Ricco |  Dress 3-Taylor |  Dress 4-Vince Camuto (similar here) |  Dress 5-Laundry by Shelli Segal
This post was not sponsored by Marshalls.

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