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Most glasses I've bought in the past were the cheap and less than stylish ones that were hidden in a box under the counter at the eyeglass store. I've also spent somewhere in the $300 range for more stylish glasses. If you haven't heard of Warby Parker, you're missing out. They sell stylish glasses for $95 a pair which includes Rx lenses and frames. For every pair of glasses sold, a pair is donated to charity.

Buying glasses online can seem overwhelming, but Warby Parker's process is pretty easy. They have a free home try on program where you get to pick up to five pairs of glasses to be sent to your home. The site has a virtual try on tool, and allows you to choose glasses based on color or width. If you're hesitant to use the home try on program, you can visit their showrooms in person. I'm lucky enough to live in NYC where their flagship store is located.

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Aarong and I basically tried on Warby Parker's entire inventory. We wrote down the names of the frames that we liked best on a provided card. You can get an eye exam and purchase your glasses at the showroom. But I opted not to do that because I wanted more time to think about which pair I liked best. Instead I had my doctor examine my eyes and give me a copy of my results. I then went online, picked Crane in Mallard Green, and entered in my eye exam results. The glasses arrived in a week.

I was thrilled to receive my glasses, but had some issue with the lenses. Everything looked a bit blurry to me. I called Warby Parker and they asked if things looked clearer when I shifted the glasses up and down. They told me that the best thing to do would be to go back to my eye doctor to have my eyes re-examined. It turned out that it was blurry because my pupils weren't aligned with the middle of the lenses. I don't have much of a bridge, so glasses sit lower on my face. As a result, my pupils were peering out through the top of the lenses. So Warby Parker shifted the lenses up so that my pupils were aligned with the focal point. I'm quite happy with my purchase, and I get compliments on them all the time.

Don't hesitate to contact their customer service if you have any questions. I've spoken to numerous Warby Parker employees via phone and in person. They were always helpful and polite.

This post was not sponsored by Warby Parker.

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