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H&M Dress  |  AE shorts |  Jewelmint Earrings  

This is the perfect dress to wear to a music festival. It's cute and easy to wear without looking like you're trying too hard. Pair it with some suede ankle booties, a fringe bag, and you are festival ready!  If only I noticed that my dress hanger strap was showing earlier. Ah!

By the way, have you all heard the exciting news about H&M? They finally opened up their online store for the U.S. on August 1st.

Speaking of August, where does the time go? I can't believe we're four days into this month already. There are so many people I have to catch up with. I have friends visiting and moving out of NY. I keep bumping into people I haven't seen in years lately. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.

I'm seriously craving green tea ice cream or a green tea latte right now. Where can I find a place to satisfy my craving at midnight?

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