Say Yes to the $20 Dress!


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Band of Gypsies Dress via Marshalls (similar)   |   H&M bag (old, like this one)  |   Jewelmint Earrings

You know what I love about summer aside from the beach worthy weather, late sunsets, and long bike rides? Summer clothing. It doesn't require many layers. You throw on a dress, a pair of sandals, and you're done. Easy peasy. If only picking an outfit could always be this easy, right?

Before I forget, I must share that I got this dress from Marshalls for only $20. One of the many reasons why I love Marshalls, bargain finds! I actually walked past this dress the first time. It caught my eye the second time, and I quickly picked it up before someone else did. Did I mention that the dress also has side pockets too? Awesome, I know.

Here are some rules for shopping at Marshalls.

#1- Get a shopping cart. Trust me, your arm will start to hurt with all that cute stuff you're holding.
#2- If you see something cute, put it in your shopping cart before it's gone. Good things go fast there!
#3- Keep an eye on your shopping cart because I've seen people take things out of someone else's cart. Shoppers can be so rude. Watch your back, girl!

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P.S. Have you noticed that the quality of these pictures are a bit different? Hector got me a new lens. When I used this lens for the first time, I was amazed at the picture quality. This lens has changed my life, fo' real.

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