Textured: Cozy Sweater and Suede Skirt


IMG_8358 IMG_8281

Gap Sweater on sale!    |   old Forever 21 Skirt (similar)   |   Apri Booties via Marshalls

There was a period where every single top I picked up in stores was part of the cream, off white, beige family. I would see tops in other colors and think "this sweater in red is so pretty. But the cream, the cream goes with everything!" And as much as I like color, sometimes I just dig the good ole' neutrals more. They just make any outfit look, well, classic. They look great when worn with a rich, vibrant color like the cognac skirt I'm wearing. Check out this post to see how I last styled the same skirt.

IMG_8383 IMG_8337 IMG_8284

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