Rich Hues


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Loft Trousers   |   Loft Top  |   Nine West Flats  |  Target Clutch  |   J Crew Bracelet |   Random Necklace

If plaid, tweed, and red velvet flats with bows doesn't scream preppy office attire, I don't know what does. I purchased the top I'm wearing over a year ago from Loft, and never wore it till now. I forgot that I even owned it till I found it when I was cleaning my closet one day. Ten points to Gryffindor for rediscovering clothing in your closet! And let's face it, dress pants can be boring sometimes. Try a pair of printed pants with festive, textured flats for a spin on your office look. Check out my previous posts here and here to see how I wore my plaid pants.

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